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SeftonHC Run2Tokyo

During the latest installment of the governments "stop hockey scheme", Liverpool Sefton Hockey Club have decided to raise money for local charity, Micah Liverpool, whilst staying active over the next few weeks.

Our club goal is to run 5,891 miles (9480km), the distance from our Liverpool College Fortress to the Tokyo Olympic Hockey pitches as the hockey community looks forward to the summer games.

In doing so, we would appreciate your support and donations to our chosen charity.

"Micah Liverpool is a social justice charity that has been set up by Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King and St Bride’s Church to relieve Liverpool residents from social injustice and poverty. We are currently running projects to combat unemployment and deliver emergency food aid and affordable food."

Whatever the donation, your support will be greatly appreciated by so many that hold Liverpool close to their hearts and could make a huge difference to those suffering in such trying times.

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